Why do you still have Candida?

Many people are all too familiar with fungal/yeast infections and the terrible effects on the reproductive system, immune system, kidneys, liver, skin and brain.  Many people believe Candida/fungus lives only in the intestines or in the vaginal area; the facts are that Candida can live in every tissue in the body.  Candida infections often start in the intestines, then, the Candida spores actually spread through the entire digestive tract until it reaches the throat, then the lungs.  From the lungs it enters the Alveolar sacks where the blood is exposed to oxygen, the fungal spores are carried throughout the entire body systemically in the blood.  Once it’s in the blood there’s no limit to the extent of the infection. Funguses are opportunistic pathogens meaning they will take advantage of immune weakness in any tissue. Candidacies, describes a number of different disease syndromes that often differ in their causes and outcomes.

When my nephew was born in December of last year I took a small sample of his blood from the heel of his foot.  The sample was taken immediately after birth, before he had a chance to breast feed. I found fungal spores which were from his ingesting fluid while on his way out of the birth canal. The placenta would normally act as a filter between mother and child preventing the fungus from going through. No matter how they got there, a newborns immune system doesn’t develop for at least the first 4 days. As the baby ingests the mothers breast milk they get immune building colostrums. However, if there is an opportunistic pathogen that is present before the immune defenses can be established, the infection may begin from birth, become deeply rooted, yet take decades before it becomes a raging problem. If the body doesn’t recognize the fungus as a foreign invader it will not attack it, the body may even promote the growth of fungal colonies.  Once these colonies are firmly established, the chemicals they produce begin to mutate the DNA of the cells around the colony. This can cause changes in the way the cells begin to act, they become diseased.

Stopping the spread of fungal infections before they become deeply rooted is the key, but by the time we have symptoms the colonies have already formed.  Beginning a treatment plan that will work ASAP is essential.  Most of the clients I have are people who have tried to kill the fungal or bacterial infection for years and they have tried all types of treatments or have waited too long to start treatment. Too many people wait far too long to come to us for help and whatever the reason may be, waiting will always increase the cost both monetarily and the price your body will pay because of the damage the fungus is doing.


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