DMG  – Di-Methyl-Glycine

Scientists have found that Dimethylglycine (DMG) increases immune function 300%

In 1981, when AIDS was first called GRID (Gay Related Immune Disorder), and the HIV virus had not yet been discovered, important research on the immune modulating effects of dimethylglycine was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases (1).

Graber CD et al state that dimethylglycine presumably “enhances oxygen utilization by tissue and complexes free radicals.” In a double-blind study on 20 humans, they found a fourfold increase in antibody response to vaccines as compared to controls. In studying cell-mediated immune responses to phytohemagglutinin, convanavalin A and pokeweed mitogen, they found an almost threefold increase in responses. They concluded that DMG enhanced both arms of the immune system.

Last month, I reported on DMG and 5 readers are now trying the Food Science brand using 750 mg daily sublingually. (2 tablets 3 times daily are dissolved under the tongue). Results on increasing CD4 counts and its effects on viral load should be known in a few months).

Sublingual DMG is probably a more effective methyl donor that oral TMG or oral DMG. Increased oxygen utilization inside the cells can inactivate intracellular viruses, fungus and bacteria. Folic acid supports an enzyme that breaks down DMG and the breakdown products are likely where the benefits reside. Liquid B12 and Folic acid by Bricker Labs also taken under the tongue would be a good choice to use along with DMG. Folic acid supports the methylation process.

  1. Immunomodulating properties of dimethylglycine in humans, Graber CD et al; J. Infect Dis 1981 Jan;143(1):101-5.

800 mg of Sublingual DMG (Di Methyl Glycine) daily reported to double CD4 counts in 30 days.

The following is a reprint from the 4th edition of the AIDS Control Diet book by Mark Konlee from July, 1992. The AIDS Control Diet book is the forerunner of the current book on How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction:

”Early in July (1992), we talked to a man from California who had contacted us…He told us that 3 months earlier, he had doubled his T4 counts for 120 to 240 in one month by taking 800 mg daily of DMG – or Di-Methyl Glycine. He had been on AZT for one year previous to this with his T4 counts holding steady at about 120. He attributes the increase to the DMG. Then, he reportedly told four of his friends about his experiences with the DMG. They also tried it and used about 800 mg per day (sublingually). Everyone reported a significant increase in T4 counts. One man reportedly went from 45 to 170 in 2 months. Here in Milwaukee, one man took 200 mg of DMG (not 800) daily for 6 weeks and told us his T4 count increased from 14 to 34. One person who has severe KS and intestinal absorption problems took an oral form of DMG from Enzymatic therapy. After 2 months, there was no change in his T4 counts.”

The above report somehow got deleted from future editions of the AIDS Control Diet book and subsequently the book on How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction. In light of the recent discoveries of the benefits of methylation in stopping replication of HIV and other viruses inside the cells, we need to retest the effects of DMG as an immune modulator or antiviral agent. DMG, like TMG, folic acid, L methionine and even alcohol support methylation.

In this time period, 1992, AIDS treatments came and went weekly. This one, however, may have been sent down the pike erroneously. As I recall the conversation, the DMG was absorbed sublingually – under the tongue and not simply swallowed with water. Two factors are critical to reproducing these results. One is to use the correct dosage. Too low a dose might produce no results at all or inconsistent results and the second is how the DMG is taken. The CD4 increases from DMG absorbed sublingually in the mouth where it directly entered the blood stream. It did not occur from swallowing oral capsules. Sublingual absorption widely used in homeopathy acts like an injection where oral swallowing of a product can sometimes lead to degradation in the stomach and small intestines from digestive acids and enzymes.

What is Methyl and Methylation?

Methyl groups consists of one carbon and 3 hydrogen atoms (CH3). As DMG is broken down by an enzyme whose activity is supported by folic acid, two methyl groups are released leaving the amino acid L-glycine. DNA methylation is an expression referred to frequently in scientific literature, but I do not understand the process except that it involves methyl groups of CH3 and seems to increase the utilization of oxygen inside the cells which inactivates viral DNA and prevents it from binding to the cell’s DNA. Methylation requires methyl donors. Published research indicates that DNA methylation inhibits IL-6 production. IL-6 is a Th2 cytokine that is overproduced in AIDS, CFIDS, Lyme disease, chronic sleep disorders and cancer and contributes to the progression of all these conditons.

Volunteers wanted to try DMG alone or in combination with Venus Fly Trap extract.

We need HIV+ persons with CD4 counts of 300 or less to try DMG sublingually between blood tests to measure its effects in raising CD4 counts. One brand that would work is made by Food Science. It is a sublingual form that comes in 125 mg tablets. A formula to use is 125 mg daily per 25 lbs of body weight. If you weigh 150 lbs, that would be 6 tablets daily or if you weigh 225 lbs, you would need to take 9 tablets daily. Divide the daily doses into 3 or more portions. The tablets dissolve very quickly in the mouth. Published research indicates no toxicity.

In a clue to possible antiviral effects of DMG is an abstract (We.A.510) presented by Malamud D et al at the Int’l Aids Conf in 1996 reported on a product called C31G. It consists of an amine N-oxide and N-dimethylglycine. They reported efficacy against HIV, HSV, Chlamydia, C. Albicans and gonorrhea. How much of the antimicrobial effect is attributable to the N-oxide portion of the compound and how much to the DMG portion is unknown. While sublingual DMG is readily available in health food stores, C31G is not and is probably in trials somewhere. No method of contacting the authors is provided in the abstract.

While I am looking for volunteers, I have no free samples to give away. At current prices, sublingual DMG by Food Science costs about $23 for 90 tablets – about a 15 day supply. Only our readers can find out if the results reported in 1992 can be duplicated and then if they can be sustained over time. Regarding Venus Fly Trap extract, using a dose of 1/2 tsp. 3 times a day costs about $75 a month. As folic acid supports an enzyme that breaks down DMG, it is important to use a sublingual B12 and folic acid supplement (i.e Bricker labs). The combined treatment is about $130 a month for all 3 products. If you decide to try this 3 part regimen, write to me a Keep Hope Alive or call 414-548-4344 and let me know when you start. There is no need to discontinue any other treatment you are using.

CD4 increases reported by the first 4 HIV+ persons using low dose Venus Fly-Trap (VFT) sublingually. VFT monotherapy – HIV viral load declines 50%.

Person with CFIDS and Lyme disease are reporting symptomatic relief using VFT extract. Scientific research indicates that “Methyl – B12” increases CD8 CTL activity, inhibits IL-6 and HIV replication inside the cells. Methylation may also inhibit other viruses

Vol. 2 No 8 August 1, 1999

Mark Konlee

Late in May, 1999, Keep Hope Alive started testing Venus Fly-Trap extract as an immune modulator in persons affected by HIV, CFIDS, Gulf War Syndrome after receiving nearly $1000 worth of the extract donated to us by Vital Health Products of West Allis, WI. Published scientific research indicates that the Venus Fly-Trap (Dionaea Muscipula) contains a potent immune modulator known as “napthaquinone plumbagins.” Articles published in 9 medical journals were cited in the July report on the metabolic and immunological effects of “plumbagin” that included the following:

  1. Potent antimutagenic – prevents mutations. Mutations often cause cancer and viral and bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
  2. Plumbagins completely prevented bacterial resistance to antibiotics in one published study.
  3. Activates macrophage activity at low doses and inhibits it at high doses.
  4. Reduces LDL cholesterol and increases HDL – the good cholesterol. Improves the HDL/LDL ratio helping to prevent arterial clogging from the low density cholesterol.
  5. Anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects reported in 3 animal studies.

In the first 4 HIV+ cases, CD4 increases in the first lab results were from 10 to 101 covering a period from 1 week to 3 and 1/2 weeks. Last month I reported on the first two lab results from two HIV+ persons using VFT extract sublingually along with “Methyl Donors” from Jarrow Formulas. As the results from the first two cases were published in the July report, I will start with case 3 and 4. No new lab tests for viral load are available from the first two cases – Robert M (Brooklyn, NY) or Bob M (Miami, FL) since last month although a lab test in July from Bob M showed his HDL cholesterol (the good one) has continued to increase and his HDL/LDL ratio is now 5 to 1. Earlier this year while he was on protease inhibitors, it was 25 to 1 which put him well into the “heart attack” zone. Note: The safest ratio is 4 to 1 or less. Normal HDL values should be 35 or higher. Bob M’s HDL’s that were down to 10 earlier this year are now at 27.

Case No 3

VFT extract increases CD4 and CD8 counts – used in combination with protease inhibitors

Gene M (CA). Gene has been taking 2 protease inhibitors plus Sustiva and Abacavir for the past several months. His CD4 count had been in the low 600 range for the past several months and were last reported at 613 on 5/6/99. After using VFT extract sublingually for 1 week (1/2 tsp. 3 times daily). His lab results on June 25th, 1999 – CD4’s are now 714, an increase of 101. CD8’s increased from 785 to 986 and WBC’s from 4200 to 4600. The HIV viral load decreased from 1538 to 110. Because his previous test was on May 6th and he was on a 4 drug combo, we cannot be certain how much of these improvements were due solely to the VFT extract.

He had previously planned to go on injectable IL-2 late in July in an attempt to completely flush out the HIV virus from his body. In the interim, he decided to try the VFT extract to see what effect it would have. He started IL-2 therapy on July 28th. He can be reached at 415-664-0326 for more information.

Case No 4

VFT monotherapy increases CD4’s and decreases HIV viral load.

Hank F (CA). For the past several months, Hank has volunteered to try various treatments provided by Keep Hope Alive. Last fall, these included elderberry extract and glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. Of all the treatments tested to date, digestive enzymes called “Essential Enzymes” (a Source Naturals brand) had the most benefit and brought down the viral load from around 100,000 to 25,020. He had used 3 capsules with meals 3 times daily. In April and May, 1999, he tried 6 capsules daily of Neem leaf and continued with the digestive enzymes. This reduced the viral load very slightly in 30 days from 25,020 on April 13 to 24,859 on May 14. On June 1st, he started on Venus Fly-trap extract sublingually as a monotherapy and discontinued the digestive enzymes and the Neem leaf.

His lab test of June 24, 1999, 3 and 1/2 weeks later, showed his CD4’s increased from 410 to 457. The big surprise was that his HIV viral load dropped from 24,859 to 12,656. Based on a report from Robert M, who had earlier spoken to sources in Germany, the viral load was expected to increase during the first full month of VFT therapy and then decrease in the second month. The decrease in the HIV viral load came earlier than expected. We do not know what effect the VFT extract had on his CD8 counts as the doctor did not test for them.

Commenting on all this, Hank said: “This is the best results of any treatment I have had since last fall. I feel my health improving daily.” He also reported feeling “feverish” at times and sweats easily.

In the last week of July, I asked him to reduce the dosage from 1/2 teaspoon 3 times daily to 1/4 tsp. 3 times daily. The reason for the reduction in dose is to find out if the same benefits can be had at a lower dose and concerns that a high dose used for more than 6 weeks might lead to treatment failure. This is based on animal studies that indicate high doses of “naphtoquinone plumbagin” the active ingredient in the Venus fly-trap, stops stimulating macrophage activity after 6 weeks and low doses has continued to stimulate macrophages for the entire life of the experiment. Also, anecdotal reports suggest that high doses of 1/2 to 1 tsp. or more three times daily bring benefits for 4 to 6 weeks and then the product stops working.

In all cases I have reported on here, the extract is held under the tongue for 3 minutes and then what is not absorbed, is swallowed with a glass of water. Sublingual use was chosen over orally swallowing the extract as 3 persons who tried it both ways reported that only the sublingual method increased body temperature. To date, 5 persons have reported increases in body temperature to a normal 98.6§ F and often spikes to 99.1§ F, about 1/2 degree above normal.

At the same time the dose was reduced to 1/4 tsp. 3 times daily, Hank has added “Methyl Donors” from Jarrow Formulas and will take 1 tablet twice daily. Methyl Donors was chosen over “Methyl B12” as his T cells are high enough that he should be able to convert B12 into Methyl-B12 with the Tri-Methyl Glycine (TMG) in the formula. Had his CD4 counts been under 200, I would have suggested 1 tablet of Methyl-B12 plus one of Methyl Donors daily. 500 mg of TMG in each capsule of Methyl Donors is derived from red beets. Hank can be reached at 323-461-5223 for more information. (best time to call is 8 am California time).

The strategy of adding Methyl Donors and/or Methyl-B12 is based on Japanese research that Methyl-B12 increases CD8 cytotoxic lymphocyte activity (CTL’s) and Natural Killer cell function. An overwhelming amount of published scientific research indicates that CD8 CTL’s can destroy the virus infected cells. Methyl B12 should be one on the must do list of everyone with chronic immune dysfunction whether it is caused by HIV, HHV-6 or other conditions like CFIDS, Lyme, cancer, candidiasis and any condition where body temperature is below normal and infections persist.

On protocol strategy, our thinking is that if one product, the Venus fly-Trap extract, can keep raising the CD4’s and the Methyl-B12 can keep raising the CD8 CTLs, he will have a restored immune system and a safe low-cost immune-based treatment for chronic HIV infection. There will be no need to directly attack the HIV virus as his CD8 CTL’s will be doing that. Since this is an immune-based treatment and not a strict anti-viral treatment, no viral resistance is expected. No adverse effects have been reported by anyone using either VFT extract, Methyl-B12 or Methyl Donors with the exception that a few persons found the VFT extract too strong to use directly and diluted it with 1 teaspoon of water before using it sublingually.

Case No 5

Steven Rahn

Steven was interviewed in our past two newsletters about his experience with elderberry extract and glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, the later two having some effect in reducing the viral load form over 1/2 million to about 210,000. However, his physician has refused to take any viral load tests in 1999 as Steven has refused to take a prescribed drug cocktail for HIV. However, in April, 1999, a CBC test showed his CD4’s had declined to 9. By May, Steven, short of funds was doing no treatment of any kind. However, the viruses, HIV, HHV-6 and HHV-8 were not resting and Kaposi Sarcoma (KS) lesions broke out in May. On May 25th, he started on VFT extract sublingually, 1/2 tsp. 3 times daily. He also took one Methyl-B12 (Jarrow Formulas) daily sublingually and one “Methyl Donors” orally. Within two weeks, many of the KS lesions began to shrink. However, another problem emerged when his colon became inflamed and his stools reduced in size to that of a pencil.

Sauerkraut juice ends colon inflammation and returns stools to a normal size in just 4 days

Thinking he had an infection in his colon, Steven began drink 2 to 3 glasses of sauerkraut juice daily and reported normal size stools in just 4 days. Sauerkraut juice had an effect similar to “Cultured Cabbage Juice” reported about in my book on “How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction.” A probiotic, Lactobacillus Salivarius, is found naturally in raw white cabbage, coleslaw and cultured cabbage juice. Published scientific research indicates that L. Salivarius is one of the most potent probiotics that exists to kill pathogenic gram-negative bacteria in the gut and colon. Sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice would be a potent source of heat-killed L. Salivarius. Is it the lactic acid or something in the heat-killed L. Salivarius that is having these powerful benefits to the gut and colon?

Steven’s protocol as of the end of July, 1999, also includes 3 tablespoons daily of soluble rice bran (Perfect Plus) that includes 1000 mg of TMG and 1000 mg of FOS from artichokes. He also takes 2 tsp. daily of Ionic trace minerals that come from the dead sea (SGS Research)

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