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If you need an IV Therapy, were the clinic for you! Although a significant number of our patients are referred by their doctor, you do not need a referral to get an IV. Our Nurse Practitioner Edalyn Johnson CFNP can evaluate and prescribe any IV Therapy you need, this is a small sample of what we offer:

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Micronutrient Pre/Post Operative IV - Build your body up before surgery and heal faster afterward. We have surgeons refer their patients to us because they want the patient to be able to recover faster after surgery. The surgeons have told us that the patients heal better and they have less complications afterward. There have been many circumstance where the surgeon can suture (stitch or staple) the surgery site closed better when the patient has our IV’s before the procedure. The tissue is healthier and holds the stitches without tearing. There is also less scar tissue when these IV’s are done. When you have one of the country’s best Cardio/Thoracic surgeons send their mother for this IV before surgery, you know it works!

Micronutrient IV for Gastric Bypass – Patients who have gastric bypass surgery don’t absorb enough nutrients. Patients who have had stomach or intestinal cancer removed and are missing part of the intestines are in the same boat…not enough nutrients get absorbed from their normal diet. This IV replaces what is missing and the person feels AMAZING. Gastrointestinal surgeons refer their patients for these IV’s to be done once or twice a month depending on their needs.

Metabolic Oxygen/Ozone IV (Weight Loss) - Increase the oxygen levels in the blood to burn up fat and stimulate your red blood cells to hold up to 10 times more oxygen!

IV Amino Acids (Muscle Building) - Amino Acids make up the proteins that your body uses to build muscle fibers. If you want muscle growth we can hook you up with the best bulking aminos you can get. Oral BCAA and muscle building supplements don’t even compare to what these IV’s can do!

High Dose Vitamin IV-C (Immune Boosting) - Great to help fight off infections and boost immune activity. These IV’s are also a great way to nourish and rebuild the collagen and elastin in your Cardiovascular system, Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons. Doses = 10g-100g

IV Hydrogen Peroxide (Immune Boosting/Hormone Regulating) - A major immune stimulant that will increase your body’s ability to fight off illness. It also helps your cells to become more sensitive to the Hormones produced in your body so you can get a better hold on Hormone balance.

IV Sodium Bicarbonate (Anti-Fungal/Alkalizing) – If your fighting Yeast, Candida or other types of Fungus/Mold infections, this is the IV for you.

IV Chelation with EDTA/Vitamin C/Ozone (Cholesterol/Heavy Metal Toxicity) - Removing cholesterol and calcifications from the arteries is vital to cardiovascular health. Heavy Metal Toxicity is very common especially in people with severe illness.

IV PhosphatidylCholine - Clean the cholesterol out of the blood vessels/arteries in your major organs and brain. Detoxify your Liver, Kidneys and Brain with this therapy. Once the blood flow is increased to the organs they function better and heal themselves.Memory benefit is one of the most common reported effects of this therapy. This therapy is great for high cholesterol, fatty liver deposits and more!

IV Alpha Lipoic Acid (Liver Protection/Damage) - Protect your organs with the most powerful anti-oxidant recyclers know to man. Alpha Lipoic Acid is the master anti-oxidant that helps reduce inflammation and protects the healthy cells in your body. This IV has been studied extensively in regards to Peripheral Neuropathy and Neurological disorders.

IV Push/Drip – Glutathione (Anti-Oxidant) - Glutathione is a very powerful anti-oxidant which protects healthy cells from free radical damage. It also helps to produce more energy and repair damage from past chemical exposures.We use 2-3 grams per IV.

IV DMSO (Di-Methyl-Sulfoxide) – This treatment has been used for decades in Veterinary Medicine to treat animals for a number of concerns related to inflammatory problems/injuries. This solution carries nutrients deep into the cells to make sure that there is no absorption issue. One of the concerns a large number of people have is whether or not the nutrients they take are actually being absorbed, well this solves that problem. We use this treatment for chronic painful conditions as well as injuries. Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Herniated Discs/Degenerative Disc Disease, Torn Ligaments and much more!

Prolozone InjectionsThese injections of ozone (O3) gas, Vitamins and Homeopathics along with Anesthetics, stimulate healing and regeneration of damaged tissues, joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. This is not just a short term solution like steroid injections because it actually activates your body’s own healing process!

IV Push – Myers Cocktail (Adrenal Fatigue) - If you’re feeling tired and constantly have low energy, this is the IV for you! Rebuild your adrenal glands with high doses of B Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin C.

B-12 Injections & Vitamin D Injections - Get your metabolism & immune system stimulated by increasing the vitamin levels in your system. Most Breast Cancer patients have a very low level of Vitamin D and of course we all know that strong bones require it as well. We can check your levels and if you need a few injections we can help.

The HANGOVER IV - Ever had a night out on the town and woke up the next day feeling terrible??? If so, we can help! We can re-hydrate and flush out the toxins from your body to get you clear in the head & ready to go! The growing trend of Hangover Therapy is becoming increasingly popular in city’s like New York City, Las Vegas NV, and Los Angeles CA

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