Lower your company’s medical expenses & increase revenue!  

Now offering DOT Physicals (NM Department of Transportation)

We provide medical services (on and off site) at a discounted price to you & your employees. Depending on how many employees you have discounts range from 10-20% off.  Your employees pay us directly (cash/CC) for our services, keeping your employees well can decrease their medical insurance expenses to your company.  Our goal is to get your employees healthier, more productive/efficient so that they not only feel better and are healthier, your company  also benefits. The company’s who take advantage of our services have seen a direct increase in productivity and decrease in lost revenue from sick employees. Its a very simple concept, less time lost to illness translates into increased revenue for your company!

We offer low cost, cash pay primary care services. Employee sick & need a prescription but can’t get in to see their Doctor? We can help. We offer in home or in office consultations via Telemedicine services. Your employee calls our office & our *Nurse Practitioner (NP) then performs a consultation over the internet with them (Face to Face) to evaluate their condition and if needed, call in prescriptions to the local pharmacy. If they get sick at work, they can now see a Medical Professional (non-emergency) without ever leaving the office. If their situation requires further medical attention or if they need to go home, they leave with written permission from the NP. It’s like having your very own doctor on call, whenever your employees need it. *Nurse Practitioners have the same medical privileges as a Medical Doctor.

We can come to your office once a week to provide vitamin injections for your employees that increase energy levels, mental clarity, memory, comprehension and more. The executives of some very large corporations here in Albuquerque have been getting weekly injections for years because they feel amazing afterward. They see the value in the services we provide and the benefits go beyond revenue to increased positivity in the work place and better moral. When people are happy they work harder and make less mistakes.

Call us (505) 821-9609 to set up a brief 15-20min meeting, so we can review the benefits to becoming a Corporate Wellness Account with MicroNutrient Infusion Services.  The account costs your company nothing, your employees benefit.  We will include a FREE employee education seminar (in your office) & webinar (Via YouTube) to educate your employees on how they can take advantage of our services including Weight Loss support, Diabetic support, Pre/Post surgical support and much more.

Here are a few things we can do at your office:

Physical Exams & DOT Physicals

B-12 Injections – Increases energy levels

Myers Cocktail (Vitamin C, Cal/Mag, B-Complex, B-12, Glutathione) – Increases immune function, awareness, comprehension and energy.

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