Kinesiology has become a popular method of testing over the last 40 years.  Kinesiology means the study of motion, Kinetic energy.  The method of Kinesiology is done by isolating a muscle, any muscle will do, however the arm is the easiest muscle to isolate.  There are several hundred meridian points that are tested using this method, 300 main points.  For example, the person performing the test will touch the Liver point of the person that is being tested.  At the same time as they are touching this point, they will apply a small amount of pressure on the arm.  If the arm goes weak this means there is some sort of weakness in the liver, if the arm is strong then the liver is functioning ok for the time being and we bypass it.  The way the test works, it is the neurological response from the brain to the muscle, indicating whether something is strong/weak or good/bad.

This can be applied to Food Allergy testing as well as the following: Parasites, Bacteria’s, Virus, Fungus, Chemicals, Hormones, Vaccines, etc.  Foods are placed next to the body and then tested for strength or weakness.  Strength indicates the food is tolerable and weakness indicates an allergy to that specific food.  The pathogen’s are tested the same way.

We test people of all ages from babies to adults.  The goal of Kinesiology is
to test the body for imbalances.  Our primary goal is to strengthen the body through improving the Immune system, digestive system, increasing energy and when necessary detoxing.  We carry various different herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies.  We design the appropriate program for your body.  If you feel you are off balance or just not sure what supplements you should be taking schedule an appointment today.  You can bring in all of your own supplements and have them tested to know what you should be taking and how much.

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