Liposomal Products

The big question is………How does all this fit together?

We take multiple compounds (vitamins/minerals) and cause the molecules to resonate at various different frequencies, amplifying their normal vibrational rate by causing the water which they are dissolved in to become charged with a higher frequency (250-350MHz).

The next big question is……..What does that mean?

The cells in the organs and tissues of our body resonate at between 50-70MHz. When the molecules decrease in vibrational rate, the cells become diseased, when they increase in vibrational rate they become more efficient in their function (for example: according to Royal Rife, cancer cells resonate at 30MHz). Vitamins/minerals have a resonant frequency of 10-30MHz, because they are the building blocks of the cells, but they don’t help to maintain the higher cellular vibration rate, they are essential to maintain a strong body. The substances which do energize our cells causing the molecules to move faster, are called “super foods” like wheat grass and alfalfa sprouts, they resonate at 70-90MHz. If we combine several super foods and consume them in their raw, concentrated form (ie; juiced) they have a combined or resonate frequency of 250-350MHz. This frequency rapidly increases the vibrational rate of our cells increasing their efficiency and health.


The First Step – what we do is take the micronutrients (Vitamin C, B1, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium Bicarbonate, Trace Minerals, Anti-Oxidants, Amino Acids, etc) and combine them in a formula which is normally given through an IV and combine that formula, with multiple Phospholipids (Phsophatidyl Choline, Phosphatidyl Inositol, Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine, Phophatidyl Serine), creating Liposomes packed with vitamins/minerals/amino acids in a powerful Macronutrient Liposomal solution.

The Second Step – The Liposomal solution is then placed into our machine which then uses Hertz frequencies (42-46,000Hz) to break apart the phospholipids and cause them to re-align and wrap around the dissolved molecules of the macronutrients creating a Phospholipid Bi-layer to form. This phospholipid bi-layer is crucial to protecting the macronutrients from digestive enzymes and acids when ingested. It also protects the macronutrients from various enzymes in the blood stream which normally degrade the vitamins/minerals if they are infused into the blood directly (about 40% degradation for vitamin C, studied by Dr. Jeanne Drisko MD of Kansas State University ’08).

The Third Step – The Liposomal solution is then charged with Mega Hertz frequencies (250-350MHz) which energizes the water molecules within the solution. This does not affect the phospholipids, rather it amplifies the energy contained within the water molecules. Professor Masaru Emoto (author of “The Hidden Messages in Water”) has done years of research on water and its ability to hold frequencies and its “innate consciousness”. Once the molecules have been sufficiently charged the Liposomal  solution is then ready to be ingested.

The Liposomal solution is actually a combination of nutrients and frequency that has been designed to increase the immune systems within each organ. Once the Liposomal solution has been ingested it is absorbed directly from the digestive tract into the blood stream unharmed, then from there the Liposomal solution is directly absorbed into the cells via Endocytosis (basically the cells eat them whole).

It’s important that one understand that every cell in the human body has a plasma membrane which is considered the “cell wall”, this membrane is made of phospholipids. These are the very same phospholipids which we use to “encapsulate” the molecules of our Liposomal solutions. The cells recognize the molecules of our Liposomal solution as being essentially spare parts to rebuild the plasma membrane of the cell, so it literally engulfs the entire Liposomal molecule. Once the Liposomal molecule is inside the cell, the cell begins to take the Liposomal molecule apart, this releases the macronutrients within like a beneficial Trojan Horse packed with non-degraded, highly energized nutrition, unlike anything the body has ever received before. Nothing can compare to this new method of delivery, not even Nutrient IV Therapies.

All our Liposomal oral solutions are based on proven IV formulas which have been used in clinical practice for over 25 years! We are a unique company which has the technology to increase the vibrational rate within each dose which in theory, may increase the molecular vibration of the body’s cells which will further energize the entire body. This method of nutrient delivery may be up to 10X stronger than oral, sublingual, subcutaneous, intra-muscular or IV methods of delivery.

The Phospholipid Bi-Layer which coats and encapsulates the molecules of the Vitamins/Minerals/Amino Acids, is called a Liposome. The liposome protects its “cargo” from the Hydrochloric Acid in the stomach (normally only 10% of certain vitamins/minerals get into the blood stream). The liposomal molecules then pass directly into the blood stream (unharmed and in full potency) and are then protected from the various enzymes in the blood which normally degrade the vitamins/minerals (only 60% of normal vitamin C is absorbed into the cells, 90% is absorbed with liposomal vitamin C) when infused into the blood directly.

Normally our cells have small little receptors which look like antennae and transmit signals to the cells around them, communicating with each other. The cells recognize the Phospholipid Bi-Layer coating the vitamins/minerals as part of itself and because the new liposomal molecule does not have any receptors on it to communicate, the cells then ingest the whole liposome (90-95% potency) in a process called Phagocytosis/Endocytosis. When the liposomal molecule has been ingested into the cell it opens releasing its contents like a Trojan Horse. These solutions are much stronger than any IV solution, which is why we don’t have the client take them every day of the week and we also include several break periods during the course of the therapy.

Vitamins are so important to the proper function of our immune system, eyesight, hearing, hair and nail growth and so much more. Vitamin C is especially needed in support of proper immune function, we CAN NOT live without it & several of our products contain the highest quality non-corn source vitamin C.  What are the vitamins we use? Mostly we focus on all of the B vitamins, Vitamin C and we do have a multi-vitamin which contains Vitamin A, along with most all vitamins except vitamin D and F.  We also make a Liposomal multi-mineral and many more, click on each page listed in the top right corner of this website to read about each of our very potent, powerful and effective products.

We don’t add any preservatives to the solutions so we must constantly make them, so every bottle that we sell is freshly produced.  Liposomal Solutions last up to 2 months, as long as they are refrigerated.

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