Liposomal Vitamin C and Sodium Bicarbonate


We have had an amazing response from my last article on our new Macronutrient Resonance Frequency Harmonic – liposomal solutions, yet there are still many questions clients and practitioners have that need to be answered. Let’s start with some basics:


  • Are the liposomal solutions effective and can they help you? liposomal solutions are exactly what you are looking for, they have completely changed how we practice. Results can be seen very quickly and are measurable on lab tests within the first 30 days. For example, we have a patients lab test showing LDL Cholesterol at 183 decreasing to 130 in just 1 month.


  • The liposomal solution is between 1-4 ounces of fluid, how does that compare to an (500-1,000ml) IV solution? The answer is simple…..concentration. We have concentrated the vitamins and minerals into the liposomal solution to a very high degree. Vitamins and minerals are highly diluted before they are given through an IV, so we just leave out the excess water. Don’t forget we are also amplifying the vibrational rate of the molecules using high frequency vibrations/sound and Rife frequencies, which can’t be done through an IV. So it’s like 3 therapies in one.


  • How much of the solution does the person take? Each person will need to take a different amount, it takes 12hrs to fully absorb out of the intestines into the lymph system. Think of liposomal’s as a better delivery method for your vitamins, a way that absorbs thoroughly into the cells.


  • Do the liposomal’s help with major illnesses? The liposomal’s are not a treatment, cure or preventative agent for any disease, however neither are Vitamin/Mineral IV therapies. Liposomal’s are intended to get highly energized nutrients into your cells, which in turn causes them to function in a much greater capacity. Liposomal’s help to restore lost nutrients that the immune system needs to function normally.


  • Do I have to go to your office to get the liposomal’s? You can, but we can also mail the solutions to you or any of your family members out of state. We currently have clients across the United States taking these solutions. We also have several healthcare clinics in Albuquerque carrying our Liposomal Solutions and also a few clinics out of state. Ask your Doctor or Practitioner if they carry our products.


  • Why would I want to take the liposomal’s instead of doing other types of therapies? The liposomal’s can actually be taken in conjunction with other therapies or supplements. Most of our clients do Oxygen/Ozone treatments, Massage, Colonics, Reflexology, Bio-Feedback, Chiropractic during the course of the MRFH Solutions.


  • How long do the Liposomal Solutions need to be taken? Each person will be different, the protocols we have are between 8-12 weeks long and the solutions are taken between 2-5 days per week. Cost varies depending on the number of solutions taken each day.

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