New Info on Candida

New Info on Candida

Since September of 2008 we have done Dr. Simoncini’s ( Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy for systemic Candida Infections. While we do this through IV methods, in 2011 we added Liposomal Sodium Bicarbonate to our protocol. We have administered literally tens of thousands of dosages of the Sodium Bicarbonate solution, with incredible success over the past few years but with the Liposomal delivery system we are able to incorporate GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract), along with several other traditional anti-fungals that couldn’t be administered intravenously.

The main purpose of the Sodium Bicarbonate is the mineralization and alkalinization of the body tissues and fluids. By saturating the body with Bicarb, we can separate the Candida spores from each other which doesn’t allow them to communicate with each other. This stops the formation of defense networks Candida uses against the anti-fungal properties. A very important part of our therapies is Oxygen/Ozone Therapy, which stimulates the immune system in countless ways. Over this past winter our clients getting regular Ozone treatments didn’t get sick with colds, bronchitis or sinus infections at all, not once!

We also use Live Blood Analysis to track changes in the blood based on the progress of the therapy. We also have NEW herbal formulas which can’t be found normally in the USA. We have done a tremendous amount of research on herbs used in Russia, Africa, Australia & South America. These herbal formulas are not like any other you have taken before, because these herbs are very rare and although my wife and I are Herbalists of 11 years, we hadn’t heard of 90% of these herbs, EVER! For some of these herbs there’s only 1 or 2 actual sources on the planet and out of 125 different herbs we are in search of, we have only been able to actually get 25 so far.

Most Cancer patients have systemic Candida infections because their immune system is so suppressed by the cancer. Traditional Oncology uses Radiation and Chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells, but this also acidifies the body. We help these patients by increasing the bicarbonates in their body which can help them to stay more in the normal ranges of body fluid pH. The Candida spores can be destroyed by the immune system and the Chemo/Radiation can effectively kill the cancer. The patient recovers in a very different way, being healthier at the end of their treatment plan, than without our anti-candida therapy. Our therapy is a detoxification therapy to increase the body’s normal ability to truly heal.

With all the different types of therapies we have combined, we have a very powerful arsenal of health building tools to help anyone. We have been in practice for 15 years and more than likely you know one or more of our clients. Since 70% of all our business is referrals from our very satisfied clients, our reputation speaks for itself. If you have heard about us and have been waiting to make an appointment, now is the time. We have more to offer you now than ever before!