IV Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate (Bicarb)

Sodium Bicarbonate is used in several areas of medicine including but not limited to; Cardiology, Nephrology, Anesthesiology and Surgery.

Bicarb is added to anesthetics such as Lidocaine to decrease its acidity level & increase its effectiveness. Bicarb is used in several types of IV therapy as a buffering agent, like in Vitamin C IV’s. However, this is a very small amount of bicarb usually 20-60ml of an 8.4% solution. This small amount works for this purpose but has little impact on alkalinizing the pH of the patient.

Bicarb is a very powerful alkalizing agent. Intravenous bicarb has been used for decades and in high quantities. A 5% solution of sodium bicarbonate given in a volume of 300-500ml is much more effective in creating an alkaline pH. Alkalinity has been associated with decreased inflammation, as well as pain, increased detoxification and overall health.

Bicarbonate is anti fungal, anti-inflammatory and a biofilm disruptor. This is EXTREMELY important to anyone suffering from chronic Yeast (Candida) infections, mold exposures, Lyme disease and many more severe illnesses.

Bicarbonate has been shown to have a strong anti-fungal property in lab studies. Here are some examples:



Many types of mold are also vulnerable to Sodium Bicarbonate. When a person has been exposed to Stachybotrys and Pennicillium (toxic black molds) we use sodium bicarbonate IV therapy for them. The shift in the persons pH level to alkaline can help detoxify molds and its chemicals from their system.

Below is an article on Black Mold and toxicity as well as health problems that can come from it including respiratory diseases. There are many other great articles on mold exposure and chronic illness, if you believe you have been exposed, we encourage you to call our office for MycoToxin testing. This testing is done by urine sample, its extremely easy to do and will screen for all types of toxic mold chemicals you may have. Once we have the results we can create a treatment plan for you.