Immune Boost through Mineralization

Immune Boost through Mineralization

The owners of the clinic just returned from Rome, Italy. They were able to further their anti-fungal education even more by learning more about Immune Boost through Mineralization .They visited the University of Rome’s Chemistry Dept., where they asked those studying this type of therapy what the results are of the studies they are doing. What they have seen in studies reflected the results we have been achieving for the last year, IT WORKS! After talking to them, my mind began to race with answers to the questions I had. Since we are composed of roughly 4-5% mineral matter and our body doesn’t create any of its own minerals, it’s extremely important to get enough into our body through other means. What happens when we actually lose the minerals we have is a process called De-Mineralization. Why is de-mineralization such a problem? Losing minerals from our body, means losing the main structural components of our muscles, bones, tissues, and cells. Where does de-mineralization start? The answer lies not only in dietary factors but in lifestyle choices as well.

The dietary factors:

1. Foods being grown organic or conventionally, have very little in the way of mineral content.

2. People are eating too many processed foods, not enough raw/fresh foods.

3. The foods being eaten are creating an acidic pH body fluid content, which the person’s body will try to neutralize by leaching calcium, magnesium (being alkaline) from the bones (leading to bone loss, osteopenia & osteoporosis) causing de-mineralization. If the foods we are eating contain fewer nutrients (even if they are fresh/raw), and we are eating foods which change our body’s chemistry to an acid pH state which causes de-mineralization, no wonder we’re getting so many microbial infections!

That’s not all, it goes on even further. If we are taking mineral supplements they need to be taken on an empty stomach to absorb them, not only that, we are getting the wrong types of minerals. Minerals in a carbonate form are what are best assimilated into the human body, after all, we are carbon based life forms. Our therapies revolve around mineralization of the body, strengthening the immune system, detoxification and rejuvenation.

The immune system is affected by high amounts of sugar, the pH of the body fluids turns very acidic. This in turn weakens the immune system for several hours after ingestion. Fungus feeds on excessive amounts of sugar being taken in by mouth and while this may be true, fungus also feeds on Glucose. Glucose is the sugar which feeds our cells, our body turns almost everything we eat into this form of sugar so our cells can function. Even if you try to “starve” out a fungal infection for years, it will not work! Re-mineralizing is the only way to get the bones, teeth and nails to remain strong, immune system high, and body fluid pH alkaline. Your body still needs sugar, just the right type. Not all sugars are harmful which they may seem to be. Our cells will absorb nutrients much faster and more thoroughly if a SMALL amount of the right types of sugar are present. We have a lot of new products and information which are available in our office. We also provide several therapies which are very unique as well as very effective. Without going further, long story short, we have what you need to feel better.