Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

*****We no longer perform Live Blood Analysis in our office, we do however offer classes to teach YOU how to do your OWN Analysis!! Call our office to inquire about class dates and cost!


LBA is the use of high-resolution microscopy to observe live blood cells. Our blood is a sacred fluid that carries life to each and every cell in our body. Our life energy is primarily in our blood. Every part of our body requires blood in order to function. Our blood carries all the nutrients we eat to our cells. So it stands to reason that we can properly assess our diet and nutritional health by examining our blood cells.

There are several ways to examine blood cells, Brightfield, Phase Contrast and Darkfield Microscopy. Stains can be used to identify certain strains of bacteria. Parasitized blood cells can easily be seen. Fungus or yeast can be seen moving around within the blood.8783EDF2-2155-4BD3-B318-FFE69E696AA3
The blood cells themselves tell a story about your health. White Blood Cells and Red Blood Cells should look very healthy. Some may be oddly shaped, sometimes from free radical damage, sometimes from the lack of key vitamins and minerals. Dehydration, liver, colon and kidney toxicity can easily be seen. Certainly the information at this level of importance is very valuable.

Live Blood Analysis sessions are affordable and very fun. A very small drop of blood is all that is needed, even small children are not bothered by the process. The microscope is attached to a camera which projects the images onto a TV monitor so they can be easily seen. This is a fun, exciting way to check the health of the entire family.

It’s amazing to see what happens to the blood after a series of Oxygen treatments because of oxygen’s ability to oxidize the undigested food by-products which may be found in the blood stream. Oxygen also helps to thin the blood improving micro-circulation thru out the entire body. Oxygen also opens up the detoxification pathways which our body can then use to purify itself. Oxygen kills bacteria, fungus & mold. Oxygen stimulates the immune system and regulates its function.