Online Classes

Online Classes

We have several online classes in the works. These classes range from Certificate Level courses on Live Blood Analysis to classes on Nutrient IV’s for Cancer, Nutrient IV’s for Lyme Disease, Therapies to Detox Mold and Kill Candida, plus many more.

As these classes become available we will be posting the direct links here on this page. We will also be sending out emails to let everyone know when new classes are posted. Join our email list today to get these updates!

Why would you want to take an online course on IV Therapy?

The answer is simple, to save time and money! It’s really difficult to get good information without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in one on one consultations with doctors.

Our video courses are several hours long with very detailed information on each therapy as well as additional links to research articles. Once you have completed the source you will have more information than most integrative doctors and as the saying goes Knowledge is Power!

Nutrient IV’s for Cancer

The information is easy to understand. There are videos to watch as well as additional information on IV cost, IV formulations (ingredients) and more. Click on the link below to go directly to the class!

Live Blood Analysis (LBA)

Our Certificate level course in Live Blood Analysis (LBA) is the most comprehensive class that we offer to the general public. This class is for anyone who wants to have the ability to take a single drop of blood and look at what is going on inside their body. LBA is a qualitative test, unlike normal laboratory test which are quantitative. Judging the quality of the blood is very helpful in assessing the overall health of the individual. The best thing is being able to see what’s wrong and then knowing how to fix the problems so you can see a direct change in your very own blood! Being able to check your own blood anytime you want is so empowering and puts you in control of your health. You’ll know what supplements, nutrients or therapies you need and you’ll see the changes if they are working! This class used to be taught in our clinic in person and would require a full 16 hours to complete. Now you can take the very same class in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace!