Oxygen-Ozone Sauna

Oxygen-Ozone Sauna

3d illustration with water molecule. Abstract molecule microbiology or science background.

Pain relief and weight loss (600 calories per 30min) can be listed as the first benefits from the Oxygen-Ozone Sauna. Detoxification is next, here’s my experience. I got in and had a very relaxing session. When I got out I noticed that there was a grey/black out line on the towel where I sat during the sauna. This is a combination of toxins and minerals that I sweat out during the sauna. My skin smelled like ozone, clean. I felt really good afterward. I noticed that the tension that I had been carrying in my shoulders was gone. My neck and shoulders felt relaxed and loose. I slept good and peaceful that night.Oxygen-Ozone-Sauna

I woke up the next morning to find a patch of skin on my leg that had a small red rash, painless, but somewhat itchy. I found that it was chemicals coming out of my skin, directly over the lymphatic areas. I was amazed!

The next day, when Natalie got up, she came into the kitchen running and jumping. She told me to look at her pants, and asked if I noticed anything different? Immediately I said, “they’re baggy.” Her pants which were once tight, now fit her loose. I asked her what that was all about and she said the sauna. Wow! Her thighs had changed in size and the skin was smooth and firm. Also some of the imperfections were now gone. I think she skipped and jumped instead of walking for the next three days, because she was so happy. During a 25 minute sauna you can burn 400-600 calories, just by sitting and relaxing and that’s not water weight your losing, that’s actually fat melting away!

Since then, we have done many saunas to other people. It is going very well, not only have people noticed the same things we did, but also more. Some things the sauna helped were, tension headaches, muscle spasms, back pain, joint pain and poor circulation also helped to knock out a cold and flu very quickly (sweat it out). Weight loss and also skin tightening on thighs, buttocks, stomach and arms were noticed! Our clients are very excited and can’t say enough about this. Some people have had many more areas where the chemicals came out of their skin.