All our services are performed with the most care and accuracy.  We have gone through extensive training and we are aptly qualified to provide you with the best possible treatment outcome.

Listed below are the many therapies that we offer and a small amount of information about the therapy.   If you would like more detailed information click on the direct page from the main menu.

High Dose Vitamin IV Therapy – High dose vitamin C (15-100g), Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Myers Cocktail, EDTA Chelation, Hydrogen Peroxide, Phosphatidylcholine, Anti-Migraine IV, Sodium Bicarbonate, Macular Degeneration IV, Glutathione, Pre/Post Operative Nutrient IV  and so many more!! If you dont live in our area, we can ship these IV’s to most states in the USA, your doctor or a nurse can administer them to you.

Doctor giving injection to patient

B-12, B-Complex Lipotropic Injections for Weight Loss – these injections stimulate the metabolism, increase energy production and give you a strong advantage in reaching your fitness goals. Injections typically are done once per week for 5-10 weeks, exercise is recommended during the course of injections to speed up the results. Package prices are available call for details.

Protein Peptide Therapy – There are 53 different peptides that can be taken either by mouth or by injection depending on the type of peptide.  Each peptide has a direct action on a specific type of tissue or body system. For example, Thymosin Alpha-1 is specific to boosting immune function, BPC-157 is specific to ligaments, tendons and Leaky Gut.  Used in combination with IV therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen, they can be just as powerful as Stem Cell Therapy, at a fraction of the cost. Peptide injections are self administered at home daily. Our pharmacy ships them nationwide, so you can have this treatment even if you live on the other side of the country!

3 syringes and ampoules

PRP Injections & Prolozone Therapy – Our medical director Edalyn Johnson CFNP performs the injection and can help relieve chronic pain in the muscles, joints or nerves. Recent injuries to soft tissues respond extremely well to these injections.

PRP is platelet rich plasma derived from your blood.  We combine vitamin nutrients with PRP in the injection to enhance the healing process.

Prolozone injections are a combination of B-12/Folic Acid, Dextrose, various homeopathics and Oxygen/Ozone gas. Very powerful and effective.

Anti-Candida Therapy – Dr. Tulio Simoncini MD ( discovered that sodium bicarbonate kills candida and when the candida is dead, the body can focus on more important health problems like cancer. We traveled to Italy to learn directly from Dr Simoncini so we can carry out this therapy with more expertise than anyone else in this country! This therapy trumps all other anti-candida therapies. We get all the people who have done everything else and we are the ones who finally help them kill the fungus that’s been plaguing them for so long. We have even seen clients who have gone to other clinics to supposedly get this treatment done and come to us afterwards because it was done incorrectly. Don’t waste your time, come to the best! Anti-Candida programs are typically 3 weeks long.

Food & Allergen Screening  – Fruits, vegetables, grains, meats/poultry, multiple types of fish and seasonal pollen as well, over 85 substances tested. This is a Blood Test (IGG) that determines which foods you tolerate the best and which ones you don’t. Let’s customize your diet!


Oxygen/Ozone Therapy – Internal administration of Oxygen/Ozone gas to strengthen (and regulate) the immune system, decrease bacteria/virus/fungi/mold presence in the body, increase energy levels and metabolism, plus so much more.  This is one of the best therapies we could ever offer!

Ozone Sauna – Very relaxing and incredibly therapeutic steam sauna filled with pure Oxygen/Ozone.  One of the best things about this style of sauna is that your head is not inside the steam, so your face feels nice and cool and you don’t breathe hot moist air.  Burn up to 600 calories during this relaxing metabolic booster and rejuvenate all your muscles while stimulating detoxification.

scientist doctor hand holds virtual molecular structure in the l

Oral Liposomal Therapy – Liposomal Vitamin C and Sodium Bicarbonate are available for you to take home.  Drinking these supplements daily can increase the absorption of each nutrient, maintaining higher blood concentration levels in between IV treatments.