Frequencies and Liposomal Products

MicroNutrient Infusion Services aquired a new machine to produce high intense frequencies to make liposomal products. High intensity frequencies (Hz & MHz)  rearrange molecules and then charge them up with higher vibrational frequencies which energize your cells. The cells in your organs vibrate at between 70-90MHz, if they vibrate slower they develop disease, if they vibrate faster they become healthier and produce more energy. So we charge the molecules of our new formulas with frequencies ranging from 250-350MHz, speeding up the cells to become much healthier.

Our equipment uses vibrational frequencies to rearrange the molecules of nutrients then wrap them in a Phospholipid Bi-Layer which is exactly the same as the plasma membrane which surrounds the cells in the human body. Once the nutrients have been wrapped in the Phospholipids they are almost completely protected from the Hydrochloric Acid in the stomach, so they don’t irritate the stomach lining or degrade due to digestive action. The Phospholipid encapsulated molecules are absorbed directly into the blood stream in whole form and again are protected from the enzymes is the bloodstream which would normally degrade the nutrients even further. The Phospholipids are then directly available to every cell in the body in whole form and they are engulfed by the cells through a process known as Phagocytosis/Endocytosis (because the cell sees the molecule as part of itself). Endocytosis is where the cells literally eat the Phospholipids whole, once they are inside the cell, they begin to be taken apart to be used to replenish the plasma membrane of the cell directly, however in this case they also release their high potency vitamin/mineral contents like a Trojan Horse.


Not just anything can be wrapped in these Phospholipids, in fact, if the substance needs to be digested at all (like herbs), then they can’t be put through the machine because they would by-pass the digestive system and enter the cells in whole form. This is why we use the formulas for the IV therapies, we know how powerful the combination of specific nutrients are (Meyers Cocktail, Dr. Simoncini’s Bicarbonates, etc.) and they do not need to be digested, so what we do is use the raw ingredients to make the oral liposomal solutions. Vitamin C, B-Complex, B-12, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Trace Minerals, Sodium Bicarbonate, Glutathione, CLA, Amino Acids and many other nutrients can be put directly into the Phospholipids and arrive in the cells in their 90-95% Bio-Available form. When Vitamin C is taken by mouth, only 10% actually gets into the bloodstream, when an IV of Vitamin C is done, only 60% of the vitamin C actually gets into the cells, the other 40% is converted into water and oxygen by the enzymes in the blood.


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