Treatment Protocols

Sample Treatment Plans


We offer customized treatment plans for several health concerns. These are our more standardized protocols which are available for most patients.

All IV therapy plans must be prescribed by our Nurse Practitioner and may not be appropriate for everyone.

Annual 3 Day IV Liver Detox – This very simple detox should be done once or twice a year. The purpose is to remove lipid-soluble chemicals bound to fats in the Liver. One IV per day for three days in a row, along with a few easy to take supplements is all it takes. The toxins are expelled through your bowel movements. Most people feel almost nothing negative while going through the detox. Afterward most people feel a relief in neck pain, increase in energy, brighter and smoother skin, sharper vision and more.

Wellness Booster – Once a week is all it takes to maintain a healthy energy level and immune system. Most people who do IV Therapy have heard of a Myers Cocktail, but if you haven’t heard, its FANTASTIC! The Myers is a combination of Vitamin C, Calcium Magnesium, B-12, B- Complex, B-5 & B-6. Great for people with high stress and fast paced lifestyle. Done in only 15-20min, this is a fast way to keep yourself healthy.

3 Day Whole Body Booster – Spend three full days with us and get just about every part of your body rejuvenated. From Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Nutritional IV Therapy to Red light Therapy, Oxygen/Ozone saunas and more.

Examples of our custom treatment protocols:

Anti-Candida (Yeast/Fungus) Therapy – Typically these plans are 2 weeks long and can be quiet intense. We have a very specific combination of IV Therapies, Oxygen/Ozone Therapy and Nutritional Supplements that have worked extremely well for over 10 years!

5 Day IV Retreat – Need to refocus your health? We can run a multitude of IV Therapies on you for 5 full days. Each IV will work synergistically with the next and will nourish, cleanse & re-establish an internal balance of health.

Lyme Disease and Co-Infections – While you’re fighting off Lyme’s disease, we’re here to provide you with supportive care. We offer several Immune boosting IV therapies and healing IV’s designed to help your body in ways that can change your life. We are all about your quality of life and helping your body in natural ways.