Oxygen-Ozone Treatment – Burns, Wounds, & Bites

Oxygen-Ozone Treatment – Burns, Wounds, & Bites

Ouch! You have just cut yourself, or perhaps burned yourself. You rush to the hospital, then what? You ask your doctor, “What kind of aftercare will I need to prevent infection? Do I apply some type of antiseptic cream, or take an antibiotic? Will I need pain killers? Will I be home unable to work for very long? How long will the wound take to heal? ”

You may have found yourself in this situation before. Depending on the severity of the wound you could be looking at a month of healing time or longer. If only there was a way to shorten healing time, manage pain and prevent infection that was cost effective. Happily, I can tell you there is- Oxygen/Ozone. For burns/cuts, a method called Bagging is used where the effected limb is covered with a bag. The bag is then filled with Oxygen/Ozone gas/water. The wound is soaked for 15-20 minutes. The treatment itself is pain free, better than that it relieves pain – quick! In the case of an infection, I must say there is slight discomfort. Relatively short but worth mentioning. In severe circumstances I will use a combination of treatment methods perhaps Oxygen/Ozone Chamber along with/or instead of the bagging. In between I will have you use a specially designed Ozone Salve. It consists of essential oils, homeopathic’s and oxygen/ozone. The salve has been an essential part in the healing process.

In some cases a pre-existing injury can become infected, or a diabetic ulcer can erupt. The various types of oxygen/ozone treatments described above will work wonders, as well as the salve. I can also use these treatments on kids. For example, my nephew is 6 months old, he accidentally grabbed a hot pan on the stove. The burn was not severe, but it did develop a large blister on top. The burn covered the ring/pinky fingers. I used the bagging method twice and salve daily, immediately the burn began to heal. In five days the entire wound was closed, five weeks later there is no evidence of scarring. Treatment of diabetic ulcers using oxygen/ozone along with other recommended treatments can prevent the loss of a leg.

Mosquitos, gnats, flies, spiders, bees, wasps all bite or sting. They cause us to scratch ourselves silly sometimes. Other times we have large swollen sting marks that are inflamed and burn. The salve also helps with these irritations. Incredibly fast response can be noticed. In some cases, mosquito bites are gone by the very next day.

The oxygen treatment methods and salve described above will not prevent your needing emergency medical treatment for serious injuries or being bit by bugs.