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There are a few thing that YOU as the potential customer need to know before you get anything injected into your veins:

  1. Are the injectables prepared in a sterile environment?
  2. How much experience does the staff have doing Nutrient IV Therapy?
  3. Are the injectables being used the highest quality available? Are they from Non-Corn Source?
  4. What are the dosages of the ingredients, are they high potency?
  5. Does the infusion center have treatment plans or IV formulations that are specific to your individual needs?

Here’s how our clinic will respond to these questions:

Yes, we prepare all our IV’s and Injections in a certified sterile HEPA filtered Laminar Flow Hood. This is the highest possible measure for injectable preparation to keep the medications pure and free of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other contaminates. Read more

Our senior staff have been providing Nutrient Infusion Therapy (specifically) for over 15 years. We are ACAM (American College for the Advancement in Medicine) certified. Our nurses and medical assistants are specifically trained in this specific type of infusion therapy, since not all medical infusions are the same.

Yes, we use ONLY Non-Corn source vitamin C, which most people don’t realize is a big deal. Commercial Vitamin C injections are made from corn which can cause a lot of side effects that the patient may not even be aware of. We also use Methylcobalamin which is a very specific type of B-12. This is the best B-12 to use in injections and has the highest level of absorption. We also use preservative free injectables as much as possible.

We offer low dose IV’s like Myers Cocktail which is only 2.5 grams of vitamin C. However, 90% of the IV’s or injections we offer are very high potency. Our Vitamin C IV’s range from 20-100 grams. Our B-12 injections range from 2mg-10mg and some patients get even more than that. We have complete ingredient lists for our IV’s and IV formulations you wont find anywhere else! Click here to view our IV Ingredient list and prices

Yes, we provide complete therapy treatment plans so you know that you are getting the treatments that YOU need to reach your maximum potential. Some treatment plans are quite complex but we sit down with you and explain exactly what your getting and why its important to your health or medical situation. We can customize your IV formulation specifically for your individual needs, your needs are different than everyone else’s, why not go to an infusion center that recognizes that?

  • We provide intravenous (IV) nutrient and hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) programs.
  • Needing more than just energy?
  • We offer patient treatment plans that are specific to YOUR needs. We work with Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Candida/Mold Infections and Lyme Disease.
  • We also have treatments that you can do at HOME! These include Peptide injections and vitamin IV’s. We ship medications anywhere in the USA.
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