Great Health and the Blood Stream

Great Health and the Blood Stream

The effect of our body’s ability to digest the food that we eat is seen directly within the blood stream. Lack of proper digestion can lead to many serious health problems. The red blood cells (RBC’s) are our “transportation vehicles” when it comes to carrying nutrients & oxygen to our cells. They also carry carbon dioxide and waste by-products out of the body. The way the RBC’s are designed shows true genius, they are round, yet they have a very unique surface shape which allows for more surface area to be exposed than any other design known to man. From the side, they look like a figure 8 laying horizontally. Surface area exposure is the key to carrying the maximum amount of nutrients and gases. So how is the surface area of our RBC’s effected by our digestion?


Improper digestion affects our blood in several ways:
Rouleau – Stacking or sticking of the red blood cells to each other. Poor circulation, muscle stiffness, poor memory, chronic fatigue, etc.,

Cause – Inability to breakdown, assimilate, or eliminate proteins causing high protein content in the blood.

Hemolysis – Red blood cells that have cracked and spilled their hemoglobin.

Cause – Normal RBC death, part of their life cycle. It is possible to have a chemical or toxin in the body which is breaking down the blood cell wall. However, malnutrition is the most common cause.

Chylous – Normal process of digesting fat, normal to see within one hour after the meal. When seen later than two hours it is abnormal.

Cause – Lack of Lipase and/or liver, gallbladder dysfunction.

Uric Acid Crystals – Uric acid crystals look like broken glass or shard. They affect the muscles and joints, also lead to kidney stones and gout.

Cause – Improper metabolism of all proteins, monosodium urate hardens and becomes crystalline.

Plaque – Calcium, lipids, fibrin/platelet deposits, sugars, and/or excess collagen. All can be seen in the blood, they are the most serious of the cholesterol related solids.

Cause – Sugars and fats that have not been used or eliminated by the body will harden and adhere to sticky thrombocyte clusters that have attached to abrasions along the artery walls. Chunks break off and can be seen floating thru the blood, eventually they can clot in the capillary vessels in the brain causing strokes.

(Reference Live Cell Morphology – Tracy Gibbs Ph. D)
4 out of 5 of these problems can be resolved thru proper enzyme ratios. Enzyme therapists have a very strong argument in that they believe that the majority of the diseases humans face can be resolved thru enzyme therapy because they begin with the digestive system. Not all enzymes supplements are created equal!! The digestive system is a very complex system which affects our blood directly. It’s very exciting to see the blood cells and how they change when the digestive system is functioning properly.