b12-injectionsAll our services are performed with the most care and accuracy.  We have gone through extensive training and we are aptly qualified to provide you with the best possible treatment outcome.

Listed below are the many therapies that we offer and a small amount of information about the therapy.   If you would like more detailed information on the therapy please go to the ARTICLES page and find the article related to the therapy.

 Doctor giving injection to patient

B-12, B-Complex Lipotropic Injections for Weight Loss – these injections stimulate the metabolism, increase energy production and give you a strong advantage in reaching your fitness goals. Injections typically are done once per week for 5-10 weeks, exercise is recommended during the course of injections to speed up the results. Package prices are available call for details.

MicroNutrient IV Therapy – High dose vitamin C (15-100g), Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Myers Cocktail, EDTA Chelation, Hydrogen Peroxide, Phosphatidylcholine, Anti-Migraine IV, Sodium Bicarbonate, Macular Degeneration IV, Glutathione, Pre/Post Operative Nutrient IV  and so many more!!

3 syringes and ampoules

PRP Injections & Prolozone Therapy – Wendee Burnett CFNP performs the prolozone injections and can help relieve chronic pain in the muscles, joints or nerves. Prolozone injections are a combination of B-12/Folic Acid, Dextrose, Saline, Sodium Bicarbonate, various homeopathics and Oxygen/Ozone gas. Very powerful and effective.

Esthetic Services – PRP Microneedling for smoothing of the skin and anti-wrinkle therapy.  RF Facials to tighten the skin. Ultrasonic and Laser Lipo (non-invasive) for fat reduction and skin tightening.  Hydration IV  Therapy in combination of any of these therapies makes them far more effective.  We also offer skin peels and Enzyme facial peels.  For those of you who want to fly in to ABQ for a 3 day beauty retreat we have special packages just for you! Get pampered 3 full days in a row and afterward you not only feel amazing, you’ll look amazing!

Syringe, saline, and injections doses

Urine, Hair & Saliva Analysis – Find out if you have Heavy Metal Toxicity, Parasites, Bacterial/Viral/Fungal/mold infections, Chemical and Inhalant testing and so much more. The Kit includes all supplies needed (saliva and urine collection containers/bag), cost also includes analysis results.

Analysis results are reviewed by our team of Professional Homotoxicologists, Herbalists and our Nutritionist to determine what is happening in your body and what you need to do to fix the problem areas. Stop wondering about how toxic you are and find out why you have aches and pains, perhaps even find what could cause a serious symptoms. *this test is for educational purposes only, not diagnosis or treatment of any illness or disease.  Call us directly to order your kit (505) 821-9609

Candida Yeast Culture

Candida Yeast Culture

Anti-Candida Therapy – Dr. Tulio Simoncini MD (www.cancerfungus.com) discovered that sodium bicarbonate kills candida and when the candida is dead, the body can focus on more important health problems like cancer. We traveled to Italy to learn directly from Dr Simoncini so we can carry out this therapy with more expertise than anyone else in this country! This therapy trumps all other anti-candida therapies. We get all the people who have done everything else and we are the ones who finally help them kill the fungus that’s been plaguing them for so long. We have even seen clients who have gone to other clinics to supposedly get this treatment done and come to us afterwards because it was done incorrectly. Don’t waste your time, come to the best! Anti-Candida programs are typically 3 weeks long.

Kinesiology – testing to provide information on your body’s nutritional needs, heavy metal toxicity, allergens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and parasites. Not only can Kinesiology be used to determine a problem in the body, but also a solution.

Food & Allergen Screening (No Needles) – Fruits, vegetables, grains, meats/poultry, multiple types of fish and seasonal pollens as well, over 250 substances tested.

Energy Integrations – Integrate all parts of your being (body, mind, soul, spirit, ether/energy) together to strengthen your focus on attaining your goal.  Integrations focus all of who you are as a person toward the goal you’re attempting to accomplish, whether that’s health related or if its financial, marital, or sports related, integrations take you to the next level in your development as a person.



Live Blood Analysis – Digestive function, organ toxicity and free radical damage can all be seen in live blood when looked at under a microscope.  Bacteria (Lyme’s and related co-infections) and parasites (blood/lymph/liver flukes) can also be seen and treatment progress can be monitored. Your blood should show changes if your health is improving!


Oxygen/Ozone Therapy – Internal administration of Oxygen/Ozone gas to strengthen (and regulate) the immune system, decrease bacteria/virus/fungi/mold presence in the body, increase energy levels and metabolism, plus so much more.  This is one of the best therapies we could ever offer!

Ozone Sauna – Very relaxing and incredibly therapeutic steam sauna filled with pure Oxygen/Ozone.  One of the best things about this style of sauna is that your head is not inside the steam, so your face feels nice and cool and you don’t breathe hot moist air.  Burn up to 600 calories during this relaxing metabolic booster and rejuvenate all your muscles while stimulating detoxification.


scientist doctor hand holds virtual molecular structure in the l

Oral Liposomal Therapy – Christopher Hall has produced a new form of equipment which can take any of our IV therapies and turn them into a liposomal solution that can be taken by mouth (No Needles!) and deliver the same nutrients to your cells but in a more effective manner.

Electrostim/Micro-Currant Therapy – Chronic and acute pain relief through gentle electrical stimulation of the muscles, using ultrasonic frequencies.  Cellulite decreasing frequencies through electrical impulses are sent to target areas where fat deposits have settled and are hard to burn with traditional exercise.


Hypnosis/Meditation – Using brain wave frequencies we can bring your life into balance with guided meditation and hypnosis.  Get through the blocks and sabotage that keep you from reaching the stars.  Christopher has worked with multiple professional athletes to help them become world champions and in some cases multiple world title holders.  He has also helped people to overcome negative thought around cancer, fears, phobias and even addictions.

Metabolic Testing – This very sophisticated test takes only 10 minutes to complete.  What we do is measure the amount of oxygen you inhale verses the amount of CO2 you exhale, along with your heart rate.  This gives us your metabolic rate, meaning how many calories you burn every day.  It also provides detailed information on the amount of Carbs and Fat you burn every day, so we can build a custom meal plan and exercise plan for you to meet your goals. No more wondering if you have a slow metabolism because you can’t lose weight, get tested and get healthy!!!